Antenatal Corticosteroids

The CLAHRC WM Director was awarded a grant to study uptake of effective practice in the UK over 20 years ago. The study showed that the majority of eligible patients were receiving antenatal corticosteroids in the UK.[1] However, it would appear that this treatment, which is effective in protecting the newborn from respiratory disease and brain damage, is given to only half of eligible people across 29 low- and middle-income countries.[2] The next step should be to identify barriers and facilitators to guide development of an intervention.

— Richard Lilford, CLAHRC WM Director


  1. Wilson B, Thornton JG, Hewison J, Lilford RJ, Watt I, Braunholtz D, Robinson M. The Leeds University Maternity Audit Project. Int J Qual Health Care. 2002; 14(3): 175-81.
  2. Vogel JP, Souza JP, Gülmezoglu AM, et al. Use of antenatal corticosteroids and tocolytic drugs in preterm births in 29 countries: an analysis of the WHO Multicountry Survey on Maternal and Newborn Health. 2014; 384(9957): 1869-77.

One thought on “Antenatal Corticosteroids”

  1. I probably overuse the comments today, but may I offer to see deeper (wider) on the effects of CS, e.g. in pre-time delivery? It looks like the simplified way of thinking about them 25 y ago is not that correct today. The effects on the later outcomes of the delivery are not that good/big, and this should be taken into account.

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