Support for Pregnant Teenagers

News blog readers are (anxiously) awaiting publication of the important CLAHRC study of the effects providing additional support to mothers at high social risk. In the meantime, we must content ourselves with a study of additional support in teenage pregnancy.[1] The support was intensive and, as in the CLAHRC study, it started before birth and continued postnatally. Study numbers were similar to the CLAHRC study at over 1,600 participants. The results were null for the pre-defined ‘primary’ outcomes of birth weight, childhood admissions and subsequent pregnancy. But are these the sorts of end-point that one would expect to change? Programme theory would surely suggest that a social intervention would change social outcomes?! Yet, these were relegated to ‘secondary outcome’ status. The results of the CLAHRC study are becoming more tantalising with every passing week!

— Richard Lilford, CLAHRC WM Director


  1. Robling M, Bekkers M-J, Bell K, et al. Effectiveness of a nurse-led intensive home-visitation programme for first-time teenage mothers (Building Blocks): a pragmatic randomised controlled trial. Lancet. 2015. [ePub].

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