Raison d’être for the CLAHRC News Blog

People sometimes ask the CLAHRC WM director why he writes his fortnightly News Blog. “Isn’t it an awful lot of work?”, “People already have enough to read,” and from his spouse “Anyway, who wants to know what you think?” So here are some of the reasons for doing it:

  • It is a dissemination vehicle for the CLAHRC WM. CLAHRCs have to engage with people and get their message out. This is one way of doing so. It is a way of reaching our patient representatives and the management community who may not access the formal academic literature. People are interested to read what our CLAHRC is doing and how that relates to “issues of the day.”
  • It is a way of keeping the score – the News Blog keeps account of the intellectual and practical achievements chronologically – it is a sort of living history of our CLAHRC.
  • Writing for the News Blog makes me organise my thoughts, form a view and reflect on the implications of articles I summarise for my work. In other words it is good Continuing Professional Development.
  • It is actually quite fun to write.
  • I find it acts as a useful repository of references when I am writing research papers and grant applications.
  • It is a place where I can publish ideas so outlandish, controversial, perspicuous or ineffable that, while they may entertain, amuse, and even inform, they would never make it into a ‘serious’ academic journal.

— Richard Lilford, CLAHRC WM Director


3 thoughts on “Raison d’être for the CLAHRC News Blog”

  1. I like to read the blogs because;
    they are interesting; they inform and up date on medical and other science; they are erudite (sometimes I struggle with the language!); they are thought provoking, always a good thing; they demonstrate critical thinking and writing at its best; Ditto the responses which show a welcome breadth of knowledge and experience. Where else to get this info in such a concise and up-to-date form?
    But agree, how do you find the time to prepare?!

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