Reporting of Results of Clinical Trials Carried Out in Academic Medical Centres in the USA

A recent analysis of 4,347 interventional clinical trials from leading American academic medical centres found that within 24 months of study completion only 36% had made the results publicly available (with 29% published in articles).[1] Over about five years, results from 67% had been disseminated (with 51% published). However, about half of the trials looked at were phase one. Unfortunately the authors did not examine the dissemination rates of trials with positive results compared to those with negative results. Neither did they look at the dissemination rates by clinical trial phase – it would have been interesting to see the proportion of phase II through IV trials that were disseminated in a timely fashion.

— Richard Lilford, CLAHRC WM Director


  1. Chen R, Desai NR, Ross JS, et al. Publication and reporting of clinical trial results: cross sectional analysis across academic medical centers. BMJ. 2016; 352: i637.

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